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POSTED IN News, Uncategorized April 22, 2013

Hello All, Jaffe is setting sail again at the end of May – set to cross the Pacific, more information can be found at For those of you who inquired about the DVD. We’re working on it – slowly but steadily but it’s just taking time due to the multiple language sub-titles we’re providing […]

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Jacht Film – Warsaw, Poland

POSTED IN News December 3, 2012

We’ve received a few photos from Jacht Film in Warsaw where Between Home screened alongside a collection of maritime themed films last weekend. Jack and Hagen Hinkelmann (editor, composer and associate producer) attended the screening at Kino Wis?a which has a superb surround sound system. The folks behind the festival are passionate, warm and very […]

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Ahoy Poland!

POSTED IN News October 29, 2012

Between Home is the closing film at a very unique festival in Warsaw. Jacht Film 24th & 25th November It’s even been given a Polish title: “Mi?dzy domem…” Dzi?kuj?  Andrzej Minkiewicz!   In other developments we’re preparing an international multilingual DVD of the film. Release date coming soon!    

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Dubbo Film Festival

POSTED IN News August 26, 2012

Hi, we’re screening at another festival in N.S.W Australia. So if you happen to be in the region or perhaps somebody you know is, please spread the word… It’s great to see the film in a cinema!  

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Between Home – Download!

POSTED IN News July 6, 2012

Dear patient friends, At long last, the film Between Home, is available to purchase and download online! In the spirit of independent film making, we have released this film without any geographic, content, or device restrictions. Between Home has been a great success at festivals in both Germany and Australia, with audiences praising its authenticity […]

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Bound for Australia!

POSTED IN News May 31, 2012

Hello, it’s been a little while since we’ve posted and I know people think we’re stalling for no good reason but this is not the case. We’d love to get the film out but there is a reason it is taking a while. Film festivals are picking it up and one requirement is that the […]

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Achtung Berlin Film Festival Premier

POSTED IN News April 15, 2012

We’re excited to announce the film Between Home will be premiering at the Achtung Berlin film festival on the 23rd of April at Kino Babylon, with a second screening on the 25th. For play times, please see the official website here. The film will be released world wide as a direct download next month! A […]

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POSTED IN News March 21, 2012

After a long voyage, we are finally docking! We’re proud to say our film will premier at Achtung Berlin, Germany, the city where this whole odyssey began all those years ago… The festival is from 18th to the 24th of April – We’ll inform you of the specific dates the moment we know. Following the […]

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Wheeling & Dealing

POSTED IN News January 29, 2012

Apart from wishing readers a good start to the year, here’s what’s up so far in January. We plan to release the film in North American on DVD & VOD (video on demand) this coming June 2012. In Europe and Australasia there is a good chance of an earlier release. Leading up to the release, we’ll […]

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Rock your boat!

POSTED IN News December 9, 2011

Hello readers, Just a short post to let you know that film is finished! Yes it’s complete with all the elements in place. Graphics, sound, the works. Before Christmas, we hope to announce a launch date for the DVD and Video on Demand (Internet streaming) release… And some festival news perhaps. Also, I’ve managed to start editing […]

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Rites of passage

POSTED IN News November 14, 2011

Hello and welcome to the site. It’s been a long and arduous journey making this film – maybe even paralleling Nick’s own voyage, but naturally less life threatening…Although, perhaps we shouldn’t rule out how life threatening this has been just yet! There is a growing base of people very keen to see the film, and I […]

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