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POSTED IN News January 29, 2012

Apart from wishing readers a good start to the year, here’s what’s up so far in January.

We plan to release the film in North American on DVD & VOD (video on demand) this coming June 2012.┬áIn Europe and Australasia there is a good chance of an earlier release. Leading up to the release, we’ll put out a call to bloggers and those involved in sailing clubs and communities to get in touch and in return for a preview copy perhaps they can spread the word and review the film.

And soon we’ll put some ‘Between Home’ excerpts online to tease it out even more.


For the meantime some stills…

Between Home Crew members from left to right - Markus Stemler (sound design) Hagen Hinkelmann (editor & composer) Jack Rath (camera, director & producer) Gunter Hanfgarn (producer) Nick Jaffe (central protagonist & camera)

Between Home, Atlantic. Nick, 'Look no hands...'

Between Home, St Lucia - Nick working on 'Constellation's' electrics

Between Home, St Lucia. Nick, 'We have light...'

Between Home - Las Palmas. Nick and the big book of routes

Between Home - Agaete, Gran Canaria

Between Home, St Lucia. Nick stresses in paradise

Between Home - Atlantic. Solo diner

Between Home, Pacific. Rain shower

Between Home - Pacific. Nick reflects on past and future