Rock your boat!

POSTED IN News December 9, 2011

Hello readers,

Just a short post to let you know that film is finished! Yes it’s complete with all the elements in place. Graphics, sound, the works. Before Christmas, we hope to announce a launch date for the DVD and Video on Demand (Internet streaming) release… And some festival news perhaps. Also, I’ve managed to start editing a rather special DVD extra – ‘The Full Effect: Heading West with Nick & Jack.’ It’ll be a 30 minute short about our road trip from Denver to San Francisco. Another DVD extra will be ‘Twenty airtight Questions for Nick”. As you’ll learn in the film, I supplied Nick with questions that he could randomly draw from a water-tight jar, and answer on camera. Without giving away too much – Nick answered a lot of questions! Too many for the length of the film. So now thankfully we can share them with you on the DVD. 

Lastly for those of you who may not have seen the film’s poster – this what my very dear and talented friend Willow Berzin designed for us… Thanks Wills!

If you can, sit tight, because soon we’ll be rocking your boat!