Jacht Film – Warsaw, Poland

POSTED IN News December 3, 2012

We’ve received a few photos from Jacht Film in Warsaw where Between Home screened alongside a collection of maritime themed films last weekend. Jack and Hagen Hinkelmann (editor, composer and associate producer) attended the screening at Kino Wis?a which has a superb surround sound system. The folks behind the festival are passionate, warm and very generous. Many thanks Andrzej Minkiewicz and crew! And also thanks to Boatcraft.pl who gave us a model boat to sail home with!

If you’re making or have a film with a Maritime theme this is a wonderful place to present the work. The festival is expanding, unique and popular (every session was full). To note – at present the site is in Polish but very soon will have English information…

Jacht Film Kino Wis?a

Andrzej Minkiewicz  – Jacht Film founder

Jaffe on the big screen with Polish sub-titles

Q&A with Andrzej Radominski (center)

Jacht Film & Boatcraft.pl crew

Hagen Hinkelmann (editor, composer and associate producer) with a wonderful gift from Boatcraft.pl